WSS Walks the Walk

The Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena was delighted to receive support from WSS, a top U.S. footwear retailer, as part of the company’s commitment to give back to the communities in which their stores are located. Our Club traveled to WSS headquarters in Los Angeles to pick up a donation and enjoy lunch with employees. Founded in Southern California, WSS carries shoes, clothing, and accessories for the whole family and counts stores up and down the state as well as in Nevada and soon in Arizona. In 2015, the company will donate $250,000 to the Los Angeles County Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs and kick off a long-term initiative where each of the 27 Clubs is paired with a WSS store whose employees will assist Clubs with activities, events, games, tutoring and special programs on a volunteer basis. In turn each Boys & Girls Club will also receive WSS gift cards to incentivize and reward youth for academic improvement and excellence