“Done in a Day” Projects

Volunteers from BDO’s Los Angeles office volunteering at the Slavik Branch.

Every year, dozens of groups and hundreds of people volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena.  Whether co-workers, college classmates, church members, or fraternity brother, these volunteers have an important impact on the members of the Boys & Girls Club by complete a Done in a Day project.

Each Done in a Day experience is unique, but typically the group does some sort of improvement project at one of our clubhouses in Pasadena and then the group spends some time interacting with the Club members.  Projects can be arranged on nearly any day — including weekends (although our members are not at the Club on weekends) — and for just about any length of time.

If you are interested in doing a Done in a Day project at the Boys & Girls Club, please complete this brief questionnaire and we will contact you within three business days.

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