Club Members Support Latino Heritage in the Pasadena Community

Tradition continued on Saturday, October 25 as the Boys & Girls Club took part once again in the city’s annual Latino Heritage parade. The parade began at 11:00 a.m. at Los Robles Avenue and Howard Street and wended its way toward La Pintoresca Park where participants and spectators enjoyed a celebration of cultural activities, art exhibits, entertainment, food, and community booths. This year’s theme was “Nuetras Mismas Raices/Our Common Roots” celebrating the diversity of cultures within the Latino Community. Thirty Club members walked in the family-friendly parade, led by Grand Marshal Mia St. John, author and WBC female boxing champion. St. John has dedicated herself to improving the well-being of Latino families through educational advocacy on the importance of fitness and nutrition.

The event also recognized Pasadena community advocate and long-time resident Herminia Ortiz. Ortiz has worked with El Centro de Accion Social and Villa-Parke Community Center on a variety of social programs and serves as a liaison between Spanish speaking communities and City and law enforcement officials.