Club Kids Receive Scholarships


Wound Care Advantage, which assists hospitals nationwide in running successful wound care programs, awarded $500 scholarships to three of our teen members this month.  Cassandra Cisneros, Donte Gaffield- Anthony, and Michael Patton received the awards on April 10 for their work in creating business plans that would improve a facet of their community. The winners were chosen by Wound Care Advantage CEO Mike Comer and his team; this was the first scholarship event for the Sierra Madre-based company.

Comer founded the scholarship fund to motivate students to become leaders and entrepreneurs. He shared his entrepreneurial experiences with The Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena late last year, where he presented the opportunity for the scholarship and told the students to write a business plan for a company they would like to own based on “what they hate”.

“The standard advice most adults give is somewhat along the lines of finding what you like to do and doing that for a living. I don’t know about most adults, but what I like seems to change from week to week,” Comer said. “We hope the scholarship motivates young people to not just find what they like to do, but instead to identify what they hate, and do something about it.”