Blue Rays Kick Off New Season


Our Blue Rays swim team kicked off their new season with not one, but two swim meets this month, vying against the Monrovia YMCA  and La Verne Gators on November 3 and against El Cariso on November 16.

The Nov. 3 meet, at the Santa Anita Family Y, represented the first time in five years that both of our branches competed together. Every swimmer participated in a 50-yard swim in each stroke (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle), whether or not they had mastered it. “It was good meet for us. We were able to see what our swimmers’ strengths are and what they need to work on,” said Aquatics Director James Granados.

On Nov. 16 at our Mackenzie-Scott branch, the Blue Rays faced some tough competition against Sylmar’s El Cariso team—their first competition in a 25-meter pool. Events included 50-meter swims in all four strokes. Overall the team took home a mix of first, second, and third place swims. Some notable swimmers were Alfonso in the 100-meter freestyle who dropped  his time 15 seconds; Eden who swam 1:46.12 in the 100-meter freestyle; Alexis who took third in the 50-meter freestyle, third in the 50-meter butterfly and first in the 50-meter breaststroke; and Chloe, who took first in the 25-meter backstroke.  Up next for the Blue Rays is a “fun” meet between the Mackenzie-Scott and Slavik teams in December.