Alumni – Jashad Tillmon

Alumni Spotlight November 2014
Club Alumni Bio
Jashad Tillmon
Mackenzie-Scott Branch Club Member 1988-1993

Early Childhood/Adult Years: Jashad Tillmon was born at a Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Hollywood, CA. He and his family ( father, mother, older sister and brother) all resided in Pasadena.  Jashad attended Burbank Elementary School, Eliot Middle School, and John Muir High School. While in high school, Jashad was selected to attend Minorities in Medicine (MIM) through the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine Pre-Med Program.  Upon graduating high school in 1998, Jashad was accepted to the California State University of Long Beach. In college, Jashad continued the MIM program, which developed into an initiative called Health Education Prep. Program (HEPP). Through this program  he took pre-med science courses, MCAT prep etc.

Jashad graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Care Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems. He now lives in the San Gabriel Valley area with his wife and newborn son in the home that they recently purchased.


Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena Experience:  Jashad attended the Mackenzie-Scott Branch during the summers from 1988-1993.  His favorite Club activities were in the Art and Athletics Department. Jashad’s interest in Art peaked while doing crafts such as lanyards and constructing shoebox Kaleidscopes. In his own words, “his first photo art project is what gave him that first outside of the box thinking approach as it related to art, photography, and completing homework plans.” Although our computer labs were in their infancy during those times, Jashad was able to participate in computer based games while also learning some basic programming skill commands on our once highly touted Apple II computers. This was Jashad’s first introduction to IT/ Information Technology, Jashad also remembers the wonderful experience he had participating in basketball leagues conducted by fellow alumnus and current board member, Joe Ford.  His Club professional mentors were also Chuck Bradford and Larry Cole.

Professional Career: Jashad worked as our Technology Director at the Mackenzie-Scott Branch during 2003 and oversaw our newly built computer technology lab made possible by the Pasadena Community Foundation. Jashad eventually moved on to fulfill his career path by landing a job as a Business Analyst and now Program Manager/IT at Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena.

Recently, Kaiser Permanente volunteers participated in a Done In A Day Project at the Mackenzie-Scott Branch.  Jashad lead his fellow Kaiser volunteers as they helped clean up our garden  and mentor our club youth in the Games Room and Athletics Department.  He would like to encourage our Club youth to think about careers in Health Care Administration and Information Technology during other possible volunteer events.