A New Look for Mackenzie-Scott

You might notice something colorful and new as you drive up Fair Oaks Avenue past our Mackenzie-Scott Branch: a beautiful, vibrant mural now adorns the outside of our building. The culmination of two years of planning, the mural is the creation of local artist John Zender Estrada, a graduate of Verdugo Hills High School and the Otis Arts Institute. Zender, whose work can be found in private collections as well as on exhibit at various museums and galleries, has been influenced by Mexican muralists including Diego Rivera, and the abstract-graffiti-pop expressionists of New York.. He has painted more than 300 murals in Los Angeles and around the country and was actively involved in establishing the Los Angeles style of graffiti art and was a pioneer of the 1980s graffiti art movement.

The “Great Futures Start Here” mural consists of positive messages through individual characters, who include a mentor and his mentees, a doctor, a family united strong, a graduate, a dancer, athletes, and a fireman. The project was made possible by a generous gift from a donor who asked to remain anonymous.